Aaron-Web.jpgAaron Atlas | Director of Camping and Youth Services
Indianapolis JCC

I began my career at the JCC as a 15 year old camp counselor in the summer of 1994. I look forward to summer number 19 this year! When I graduated from Purdue, I came on full time as the School Age Assistant, and over time, have held positions as School Age Director and Associate Director of Early Childhood Education. Now, I oversee all youth programming outside of ECE and sports. The age range my team is responsible for is children’s programming from 12 months through high school graduation, and then as employer to nearly a hundred high school and college age youth. We run a Daddy Daughter Dance, Fall Festival, lock ins, birthday parties, toddler playgroup, all sorts of traditional and specialty camps, after school and schools out programming

Working at the JCC has truly felt like my second home, and that my family extends far beyond my immediate family members. Watching children grow up, and then having the opportunity to employ them as teenagers, and in some cases, bringing their children to the JCC as they start families has been the most rewarding experience I can imagine. Our goal is to shape the minds and bodies of our youth, and through genuine interest, appreciation, and involvement, we can touch the lives of so many families. I really have enjoyed my time so far in the JCC community, and find myself relating so many situations back to camp. It’s true that camp is such a special time in children’s lives, and I am so proud to be a part of such a long standing tradition, at an agency that continues to be known for high standards in camping and youth services.