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Infant Toddler Lead Teacher
The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus
1125 College Ave.
Columbus, OH 43209

Principal Responsibilities:

Position Summary:

Plan, implement, provide and supervise safe classroom activities which promote the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of the infant and toddler age child.

Minimum Qualifications:

Duties and Responsibilities:
Plan and execute a program of developmentally appropriate infant and toddler education experiences including art, music,movement, math, science and language, with an emphasis on implementing the JCC Jewish Curriculum, Creative Curriculum, and Step Up to Quality Standards in the classrooms.
Provide and supervise activities which promote the emotional, social, intellectual and physical development of each infant / toddler.
Provide and maintain a neat, organized classroom, with a learning center focus; take responsibility for upkeep of all educational equipment and materials.
Write and post activities daily on the wipe board outside the classroom door, plan and implement monthly activities to be approved by the Director.
Maintain a folder with lesson plans and information about the classroom infants / toddlers for substitutes.
On a weekly basis, document and write assessments on the infants / toddlers in the classroom; work with parents to promote understanding of growth and development of their child; have a parent conference mid-year as well as an end of year assessment, if requested.

Work with and nurture assistant teacher(s) to ensure a well managed classroom.

Maintain confidentiality regarding children and families.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (internet social media personal accounts) may not contain information or pictures about children at the JCC, the JCC, or work related issues with other staff or the JCC.
Supervise all activities to insure safety of each infant / toddler at all times, complete incident or illness reports and communicate information to Director immediately.
Greet each infant / toddler and parent warmly and in a friendly manner each morning upon arrival.
Participate in Jewish learning opportunities as provided by supervisor and other JCC staff. Use the Judaic curriculum as a guideline for Jewish learning in the classroom and in lesson plans.
Participate actively in specialty classes.
Attend week of in-service training prior to the start of the school year and Teacher In-Service Training in February.
Attend day and evening staff meetings as required by Director.
Attend special events, programs, and meetings as called upon by supervisor during or after school hours (for example: Curriculum Night, Meet the Teacher, Family Shabbat Dinners, ECS Family Picnic, Art Show, and holiday programs). Dates will be communicated to staff at least three weeks in advance.
Nap time is allocated for JCC work not personal business. Acceptable activities for staff working during nap time in the classroom while infants / toddlers are sleeping include: Newsletters, changing bulletin boards, cleaning counter tops, toys, etc. Unacceptable activities for staff during this time include: Sleeping, dozing, meditating, use of personal data devices (including, but not limited to, texting, Facebook, twitter, etc.), and reading (ECE related reading acceptable) etc.
Maintain safe and clean classroom environment
Maintain a professional demeanor.
Maintain neat and clean appearance.
Respect all co-workers; work with other staff members in a cooperative manner.
Follow personnel policies of the JCC of GC and represent the JCC in a manner befitting a professional educator.
Maintain scheduled hours in a timely manner; notify preschool office in the event of absence.
In addition to JCC Employee Handbook Policies regarding termination of employment, ECE staff will:
Notify the ECE Director/Site Director/Assistant Director (in writing within the appropriate time frame); who reserves theright to be the first contact with the preschool families in the classroom regarding the employee's last day through a note,email or phone call.
Refrain from posting about the termination on social media until preschool families have been notified by the ECEDirector/Site Director/Assistant Director.
Leave personal classroom items in the classroom until the last day and hour of employment. The ECE Director/SiteDirector/Assistant Director reserves the right to confirm items removed from the classroom do not belong to the JCC.
Not alter the classroom displays prior to or upon leaving.
Failure to comply could cause immediate termination, will make the ECE employee ineligible for rehire, and may make theemployee ineligible for PTO payout.
Submit all necessary forms and certificates related to licensing requirements in advance of the school year and on demand.
*** NO NON EMERGENT CELL PHONE USAGE (including texting & games) during work hours. ***
FY 2018-2019 FESTIVAL DAYS: 9/25, 10/1, & 10/2/18; 4/26 & 6/10/19 (new hire 6/3/2018+ work all)
Expected to work 3 of the 5 Festival Days
If the Festival Day is a Holiday as defined by the JCC Handbook, staff working the Festival Day will receive Holiday Pay (ifeligible for Holiday Pay) for hours regularly scheduled and wages for hours actually worked.
Teachers observing these religious Holidays are not required to work Festival Days
All other duties as assigned.

Agency Information:

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus is a human service agency offering a varied program that is Jewish in nature. It is committed to enhancing the quality of individual and family life through the promotion of physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness. It provides educational and cultural programs that reflect the Jewish heritage, health related activities and many services to the community at large. Through its wide array of programs, the JCC pursues its mission of strengthening the individual, family and community.