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Galbut Family Miami Beach JCC on the Simkins Family Campus
4221 Pine Tree Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Principal Responsibilities:

PART-TIME: 10-15 hours

AVAILABILITY: Weekday afternoons

Primary Objectives: To guard the safety of our patrons, maintain social distancing in/out pool, practicing CDC protocols regarding COVID-19, maintain a clean and safe facility and to promote a safe and friendly environment.

Minimum Qualifications:

Primary Responsibilities

-Ensure the safety of our patrons, members and guests at all times: SAFETY IS ALWAYS PRIORITY

The JCC Lifeguard must comply with all regulatory standards set forth during certification training.

-If it is necessary, give care to patrons that get hurt and fill up an incident report. Administer First Aid/CPR as necessary

-Practice preventative lifeguard techniques at all times, which include: positioned to have full view of the area of responsibility and continuously scan the area of responsibility, know the pool rules and educate participants of them, only leave guard stand, in order to execute surveillance duties more effectively or as assigned by Pool Operator / Aquatics Director.


As part of safety we need to have a safety and clean environment, Lifeguard primary responsibilities include: record chemicals (numbers in the computer and results from the test kit), check balancing tank (water level), check pallets and fill up as necessary. (Lifeguards on duty for open and closure)

Secondary Responsibilities

CLEANING IS EVERYONE'S JOB: Maintenance means keeping the facility clean at all times. This includes:

Agency Information:

The Miami Beach Jewish Community Center (JCC) is a non-profit, social service agency founded upon Jewish ethics and values. Our goal is to provide quality programming to the community in everything from Children's Enrichment and After-school programming to Summer Camp; Fitness to Aquatics; Sports to parenting classes; Adult Educational programs to Arts & Cultural events and more. We strive to employ the most qualified persons and continue to provide them with the support and encouragement needed in order for them to continue to develop and grow professionally as well as assist the MBJCC reach its goals in customer service and satisfaction.