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JCC Association's full-time scholarship is awarded to 4-6 qualified candidates for a maximum of two years ($10,000 per school year), depending on eligibility. Applications are NOW CLOSED FOR THE 17-18 school year.


If accepted, scholarship awardees are contractually obligated to fulfill a two year work commitment at an affiliated JCC. JCC Association will work with recipients to help secure positions upon graduation, if the scholarship recipient is unable to fulfill this requirement 90 days after graduation, the full scholarship must be paid back within (3) months.

*Please note: 2 year work commitment must be fulfilled post-graduation. Employment prior or during scholarship does not qualify for the requirement. Current JCC employees are eligible to apply for the full-time scholarship if they are pursuing their degree full-time while working. Fulfillment of 2 year commitment will begin post-graduation as well.

If the graduate program is longer than (4) semesters, the balance of tuition falls on the scholarship recipient.


Call, write, or e-mail:
Scholarship Coordinator
JCC Association
520 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018
Telephone: (212) 786 - 5099
Fax: (212) 481 - 4174