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What makes the JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship Program such a great deal?
The JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship Program has been in existence for over 50 years. There are now hundreds of scholarship recipients working at every level of the JCC Movement. The JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship Program is designed to help current and future JCC professionals deepen and enhance their professional knowledge in order to make them effective and successful. The combination of the JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship and an excellent graduate school education will position you to make an enormous contribution to the JCC Movement.

Will you help me get a job post-graduation?
The staff of JCC Association's Mandel Center for Excellence in Leadership and Management | Professional Leadership is devoted to helping you find your JCC match. We will work with you on developing your profile to be sent to all affiliated JCCs. You should be the most active advocate for your own job search. Each JCC hires their own professional staff.

Does being a JCC Association Scholar guarentee me a certain level of position and salary?
No. You can expect to be considered for positions that are level appropriate to your previous job experience.

How mobile do I need to be?
There are 300 member JCC and affiliates across North America. If you are not currently employed at a JCC, the more geographically flexible you are, the more successful your job search will be. While positions are often available in preferred communities, our hope is that scholarship recipients should be open to the possibility of exploring opportunities outside their normal comfort area.

Since my schooling has been partially funded, does that mean that my first years of work are unpaid?
While there is a two year work commitment post-graduation, this is fulfilled in permanent full-time paid positions at a JCC or YM-YWHA. You will be one of the most sought after candidates for open positions continent-wide.

What happens if I cannot fulfill my two-year commitment?
While we hope that all scholarship recipients accept the funding with full intention of completing their work commitment, we understand that the occasional personal circumstance may arise that will make this impossible. In these rare cases, the individual is required to pay back the full amount of the scholarship within three months. If a scholarship recipient leaves the field before fulfilling the commitment, s/he will be obligated to pay a pro-rated amount.

I already have one graduate degree. Am I eligible for the scholarship to fund a second graduate degree?
In general, no. If you are looking to get a second graduate degree you should discuss your specific circumstances with the scholarship coordinator.

I am currently in the first year of my graduate program. If I receive the scholarship for only one year, do I still have a two-year work commitment?
Yes. Our hope is that all of our scholarship recipients will become JCC career professionals. Professionally, it is not wise to take a job for only one year, and most JCCs would be reluctant to hire someone who is only interested in a one year commitment.

I am graduating from high school. Can you help me fund my undergraduate schooling?
No, we are sorry, JCC Association does not fund undergraduate education. Our funding is for graduate education only.

Are there specific graduate programs I need to be enrolled in to receive the JCC Association Graduate Education Scholarship?
Our scholarship program is designed to assist individuals pursuing graduate degrees at accredited universities in North America who intend to work in the JCC Movement in North America. Acceptable graduate degrees include social work, Jewish communal service, non-profit management or MBA, public policy, sports management, health and physical education, Jewish studies, education, and many others. If in doubt, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator via email ( before filling out an application.