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Location and Job Title:

Early Childhood Educator
Mandel JCC of the Palm Beaches
5221 Hood Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Principal Responsibilities:

Based on an image of the child as a competent and capable learner full of potential, engage with children in research as a way of co-constructing knowledge


Develop curriculum that emerges from the children's ideas, abilities, and interests.

 Create time and space for children to reflect and build upon experiences.

 Create documentation (pedagogical narrations) of children's work, making it visible and using it as a learning tool.

 Develop relationships of trust and security, allowing children to thrive.

Develop a classroom culture that is emotionally responsive, enhancing children's and families' emotional well-being.

Environments as Inspiration for Inquiry

Create an intentional place for children that provokes, wonder, curiosity, intellectual engagement and creativity with endless possibilities.

Create/set up a classroom space that is flexible and where materials are open ended, stimulating exploration and inquiry.

Create/set up a classroom where children have freedom to interact with the environment and manipulate materials.

 Provide materials that inform, instruct, and engage children.

 Incorporate aspects of the natural world in the classroom, engaging the senses.

 Create nonhierarchical (indoor and outdoor) spaces that can testify to the use of multiple languages.

 Children and families are represented are to be reflected in the space, creating a sense of belonging.

 Respectfully display children's work as a part of the cycle of learning and reflecting for children, educators and families.

Parents as Partners

 View family engagement as essential to building a healthy school community.

 Understand that at the heart of the enterprise is nurturing collaborative partnerships with families.

 Value families as competent thinkers and learners.

 Provide opportunities for children and their families have opportunities to joyfully celebrate Jewish life.

 Develop communication about each child's development that is ongoing, relevant, and supportive, via emails, parent-teachers dialogues, daily reflections, journey binders and other types of documentation.

 Embrace diversity among families.

Discover: CATCH as Shmirat HaGuf - Care of Body

Create an environment where physical activity, health education, and healthy eating behaviors are valued and taught.

Israel & Judaism as a Source and Resource

Engage in the study of Jewish texts and stories to find personal meaning to connect it to the curriculum and classroom's educational experience.

Teachers as Professionals

Complete a minimum of ten (10) hour or one (1) CEU in-service training per year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

Participate in lifelong learning by increasing knowledge and abilities in the field of early childhood education by engaging in learning communities, online study, attending professional development opportunities, reading books, articles, educational journals, etc.

Maintain a continuous dialogue and problem solving attitude with the teaching team.

Foster and develop the teaching and leadership ability of your colleagues, finding ways to make their jobs as rewarding and stimulating as possible. Make your expectations clear to your colleagues, following through to see that expectations are met, and that you are utilizing your colleagues' abilities and input.


 Attend to children's physical and emotional safety.

 Be with children joyfully.

 Maintain own and shared physical spaces.

 Attend to daily communication from the Leadership Team.

 Comply with children's assessments as required

 Comply with Self-reflection as required

 Establish and maintain a well-organized, clean and safe healthy environment for children. Check materials, equipment, and supplies to see that amounts are adequate and that they are in good repair. Take preventative measures against hazards to physical safety. Care for and maintain equipment within the school.

 Supervise, train and constructively utilize substitute teachers and volunteer's skills and abilities.

 Uphold the Code of Ethical Conduct

 Protect the rights and privacy of children and families by maintaining strict confidentiality.

Maintain adherence to all company policies and procedures, including agency safety requirements.

Work the days and hours to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks, be punctual and timely in meeting all performance requirements, including but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines.

Perform additional program duties as assigned by the director according to the school and agency needs.

Abide by the policies and procedures of the school as written in the Staff Handbook - Keeping the Children Safe, Keeping our Standards High.

Minimum Qualifications:


Graduate degree in a child related field.

At least three years of experience in the group education of children.

Jewish education and observance.

Familiarity with community resources.

Agency Information:

Based on a forward-thinking and constantly evolving - yet deep-rooted educational philosophy - the Barbara & Jack Kay Early Childhood Learning Center focuses on welcoming children and their families into a quality educational experience based on Jewish values. Children are encouraged to develop and grow as individuals as well as members of the Jewish community.