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Location and Job Title:

Fitness Receptionist, Part Time
New Orleans JCC
5342 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115

Principal Responsibilities:

Supervisor: Kristin Pacris, Fitness Desk Supervisor and Leigh S. Goodman, Director of Administrative Operations


  1. Be available to assist members when on duty and always be willing to serve members.
  2. Conduct any and all monetary and scheduling transactions for the Sports & Wellness Department to include spa management, personal training, class registration, and appointment booking.
  3. Conduct yourself in a professional manner and represent the JCC in a positive light whether you are working your scheduled hours or just at the JCC on your own time.
  4. Complete all membership applications and answer all questions regarding JCC memberships.
  5. Become familiar with the members' names as a tool to aid in customer service.If you cannot answer a question from a member, consult a member of the Sports & Wellness (S&W) Management Team to assist the member.
  6. Monitor member check-in position through the card scanner at the desk.Do not allow anyone into the facility that does not have an up to date membership, is an approved guest of the facility or another legitimate reason to be in the building.All guests of the center not using the facility for programming purposes must sign in and wear a guest nametag.
  7. Conduct security checks on all non-members entering the building.
  8. Answer phones politely and professionally, redirecting all calls to the appropriate staff people.
  9. Answer any and all questions from members, redirecting them to appropriate staff people when necessary.
  10. Monitor equipment/lock check in and check out.
  11. Monitor towel usage by fitness center members.
  12. Complete assigned projects given by any and all program staff.
  13. Familiarize yourself with website and all JCC program offerings on a regular basis.


  1. Act and dress professionally.Staff members are required to wear a JCC shirt or jacket as their outer layer of clothing and must wear khaki shorts or pants.Report to work ten minutes prior to your scheduled shift (15 minutes early if it is the first shift of the day), use the hand scanner to clock in, and ALWAYS wear your nametag.
  2. Be responsible for finding replacements for any time needed off.Failure to do so may lead to someone not getting paid for covering another person's shift.Please be sure to have an updated phone list and keep it with you.If you get sick, you must contact one of the members of the S&W Management Team members immediately (talk to them, do not leave a voicemail).Always notify your supervisor of any schedule changes before the date of the shift.
  3. No personal phone calls or cell phone calls are to be taken during work hours unless you are on your break.
  4. You may take scheduled breaks in the snack bar area downstairs.
  5. If periodic staff meetings are necessary, they will be announced to you and it is MANDATORY that you attend.Any individuals who cannot make the meetings must have their absences approved by Kristin and must schedule an appointment with them to go over what went on at the meeting.
  6. Document any problems, supplies needed, or situations that arise needing immediate attention to a member of the S&W Management Team.

Minimum Qualifications:

-High School Diploma Required

-Outgoing personality required.

-Experience preferred.

-Part Time and weekend shifts available.

Agency Information:

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